Smoke Alarm Program

Smoke Alarm Safety Check

The Chandler Fire Department's Smoke Alarm Program uses trained volunteers to help ensure that there are working smoke alarms in every Chandler home. Volunteers can:

  • Test smoke alarms & change batteries.
  • Install battery operated smoke alarms purchased by the homeowner.
  • Provide free smoke alarm(s) to qualifying individuals or families in need.
  • Volunteers cannot do wiring or electrical work. If your home has hardwired smoke alarms, our volunteers will be happy to replace the batteries, but they will not service or install hardwired alarms.

To make an appointment, please call 480-782-2160.


Smoke Alarm Maintenance

Remember to test your smoke alarm batteries at least once a month, replace alkaline batteries at least once a year, and replace all smoke alarms every 10 years. For the most up-to-date information on types of residential smoke alarms, and on installing and maintaining smoke alarms, go to:


Smoke Alarm Safety Check