Human Services General Funds

The City of Chandler dedicates General Fund resources to support nonprofit organizations that address the human services needs of the City’s most vulnerable residents. The Community Development and Resources staff supports the Housing and Human Services Commission in allocating funding to support three population groups consisting of seven areas of need. These population groups include youth, special populations and basic needs.

The areas of need include housing for all incomes, behavioral health, homelessness, better communication of available resources, transportation, social isolation and food insecurity. For additional information about these funding priorities, please review the 2019 Community Needs Assessment.


General Funds are generated from the following resources:

The City of Chandler’s Social Service Fund is general fund dollars that grants funding to nonprofit agencies that provide basic needs to low- and moderate-income Chandler residents.  Examples of possible eligible program activities include clothing and food banks, shelter and transitional living programs, financial assistance, and elderly care services.


The City of Chandler’s Acts of Kindness funding comes from Chandler residents who donate a dollar on their monthly utility bill.  This program is an easy way for Chandler residents to support the community by donating to the Acts of Kindness program.  Acts of Kindness funds are granted to nonprofit agencies that provide basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing, medical services and transportation to low- and moderate-income Chandler residents.

In 1994, Mayor and City Council established the Youth Enhancement Program to support the development and operation of programs for Chandler youth ages (0–18). Youth Enhancement Program funds programs that provide youth activities, scholarships, sports activities, mentoring, intervention and learning programs.


To be considered for funding, organizations must meet the following qualifications, including but not limited to:

  • Be a 501(c)(3) health and human service organization
  • Meet audit requirements based on the organizational budget
  • Physically located in the City of Chandler unless there is no Chandler-based service provider meeting the identified need; serves Chandler organizations or residents, or if physically located outside Chandler then collaborates with a Chandler-based agency to provide services to Chandler residents
  • Serve 100% Chandler residents with funds received from the City of Chandler
  • Capacity to receive and expend a minimum grant of $10,000

General Funds Recipients for the Fiscal Year 2023-24

Questions regarding the General Funds allocations process?

Contact Ms. Riann Balch, Community Resources Manager