Family Self Sufficiency

Family Self Sufficiency

Family Self-Sufficiency is a voluntary program designed to assist current Public Housing and Section 8 participants in achieving economic independence and self-sufficiency through education and job training.

This program motivates and helps participants:

  • Identify their career goals
  • Identify the barriers that could prevent the achievement of their goals
  • Identify resources and services necessary for participants' success
  • Develop an Individual Training & Service plan to achieve specific goals and objectives necessary for self-sufficiency and economic independence
  • Obtain support services related to their plan
  • Receive case management services, encouragement and moral support

Who can participate?

You may participate if you are:

  • a current Section 8 participant living in Chandler, or
  • a current Public Housing resident living in Chandler;
  • 18 years of age or older;
  • motivated to change your current life circumstances;
  • interested in obtaining more education and job training;
  • determined to free yourself from having to depend on public assistance.  

Family Self-Sufficiency Action Plan