Housing and Redevelopment Staff

Administration/Finance  Title Phone Number
Amy Jacobson Housing and Redevelopment Manager 480-782-3207
Tilahun Wagaye Housing Finance Supervisor 480-782-3215
Jackie Brooks Accounting Specialist 480-782-3225
Anthony Austin Police Investigative Specialist 480-782-3221


Housing Program Staff Title Phone Number
Deborah Cooke Housing Administrative Supervisor 480-782-3211
Fabiola Garcia Housing Assistant - Wait List 480-782-3241
Vickie Ellexson HCV Family Self-Sufficiency 480-782-3246
Vivian Rivera HCV Housing Specialist-Portability (K-Z) 480-782-3202
Zelda Hernandez HCV Housing Specialist-Portability (A-J) 480-782-3203
Carmen Jack Public Housing Family Self-Sufficiency 480-782-3242
Mayra Ruiz Public Housing Specialist 480-782-3206
Deborah Burkett Public Housing Recreation Coordinator I 480-782-3244


Public Housing/Capital Fund Staff Title Phone Number
Jerry Oakes Public Housing Maintenance Supervisor 480-782-3218
Larry Mickel Housing Project Coordinator 480-782-3204