Neighborhood Registration Program

The Neighborhood Registration Program was designed to foster greater communication between neighborhood groups and the City of Chandler. The Neighborhood Programs Office helps educate residents on the benefits of neighborhood organization as well as to provide support to neighborhoods working to help themselves. The foundation of the program is a neighborhood registry, which provides a direct link between your neighborhood and the City of Chandler. The registry is also useful to City staff, who may contact your neighborhood regarding issues of interest.


Benefits of Registering Your Neighborhood

  • Eligibility for the Neighborhood Grant Program
  • One-on-one assistance organizing your neighborhood
  • Notification from developers interested in obtaining neighborhood input on projects
  • Map of your neighborhood 
  • First to receive press releases and information on City events, workshops and other valuable educational opportunities
  • Presentations to HOAs and Traditional Neighborhood groups by various City staff
  • Facilitation of neighborhood meetings
  • First to receive email notinfations on services, programs and classes that will bene fit your neighborhood

How Do I Register my Neighborhood?

  1. Meet with a few neighbors to define your boundaries. Your boundaries can consist of one city street, two city blocks, or your HOA. You define them!
  2. Complete a neighborhood registration form.
  3. Assign a neighborhood leader (primary contact) and a secondary neighborhood contact that will represent your neighborhood. 

Neighborhood Registration Form


What are the Responsibilities of a Neighborhood Leader?

As a primary and secondary contact you need to be willing to disseminate information to your neighborhood if an issue arises. Ideally, the primary contact will work with other neighbors to address issues that involve the neighborhood. A secondary contact will provide support to the primary.