Myth vs Fact: Common Recycling Myths Debunked

Bags or no bags? Lids on or off? What about ‘wishcycling’? 

Recycling is a community effort — which means we all have to take steps to learn the correct guidelines and recycle right. In order to help make it easier to recycle in Chandler, we created a cheat sheet to debunk some of the most common recycling misconceptions. 

Debunking Common Recyling Myths

Common Recycling Myths Debunked


We hope this list helps you get started learning the right ways to recycle in Chandler. If you have questions or concerns not listed here, there are three ways to reach us: 

  1. Visit Chandler Recycle
  2. Call 480-782-3510
  3. Download the Recycle Coach app