Reuse and Donation Options

The City of Chandler offers several ways to reuse, or donate, your unwanted options. Donating items rather than throwing them away can support local charity efforts to sustain job training and self-sufficiency programs for people with disabilities and families in need.

Local Donation Charities

The following list of local charities offers to pick up donations at your home. Pick up service may be subject to change. We recommend calling the charity of your choice for pick up service details.

Arizona Humane Society
602-997-7585 x 2035
Big Brothers, Big Sisters
Habitat for Humanity
House of Refuge
Salvation Army
St. Vincent de Paul
Stardust Building Supplies
Vietnam Veterans of America

(Updated January 2019)

Treasures 4 Teachers


Treasures for Teachers does not pick up, but residents or businesses may have supplies that can be valuable to teachers, but may not be accepted by other charities.

Treasures for Teachers stock traditional school supplies such as notebook paper, pencils and crayons. However, some of their more popular items are very non-traditional such as carpet squares, wallpaper and fabric samples, and ice cream containers and other unusual items that can be used creatively in learning environments for our community's students.