Slurry Seal

An important aspect of our safety in Chandler is the quality of our roadways. As new roads expand around us, our older roads must be kept in good condition. To do this the City uses a process called "slurry sealing."


Truck applying slurry sealSlurry is made up of pieces of fine gravel combined with emulsified asphalt and water. This mix is then applied to older surfaces as a preservation mechanism. Slurry sealing does not replace repaving, but rather reinforces and prolongs the life of existing roadways. Slurry sealing is an economical option because it is applied quickly, few to no adjustments must be made to existing street features and paint striping is easily applied to the new surface.

The City's Streets Division is constantly monitoring the condition of the streets in the City. As a need arises the City must inspect the area and, after further analysis, decide if slurry sealing is appropriate and needed to correct the problem. Only then can a time be set for work to begin. Because so many factors are involved in this process it is difficult to determine when any Slurry sealing will happen in your neighborhood.

The City hires outside companies with greater resources to perform the majority of slurry sealing, as well as, crack sealing. Crack sealing involves the placement of a sealant inside a crack prior to the overlay of a pavement preservative like slurry seal. However, In 2018, the City purchased its own crack sealing machine for use on smaller crack sealing projects. Performing some of the smaller projects in-house is expected to save money and shorten response times on calls received from citizens. The machine is made by a Chandler company, CRAFCO.