Street Lights

Is there a street light out in your neighborhood? Tell us where, and we'll make the repair.

city street lit with street lights

The City of Chandler maintains more than 24,200 street lights along its major streets and in residential areas.

City crews do not repair street lights in private gated communities. Problems with street lights in private communities should be referred to the homeowners association who, in general, coordinates with utility companies, such as SRP or APS.

Street lights are repaired during daylight hours; therefore it is important that we have the most accurate description of where the street light is and the nature of the malfunction.

  • Street light pole location:

  • Pole Number:

  • Nature of the problem:

  • Name:

  • Address:

  • Daytime Telephone Number:

  • Zip code:

Street light repairs are scheduled according to zip code.

  • Monday 85224
  • Tuesday 85226
  • Wednesday 85225
  • Thursday 85248/85286
  • Friday 85249

For more information, contact:

Chandler Traffic Engineering Division