LED Streetlight Conversion Program 

LED Street Light Conversion

In October 2022, Chandler City Council authorized a citywide effort to convert streetlights from high-pressure sodium to new energy-efficient LED fixtures. Chandler operates and maintains over 28,000 streetlights.

Chandler contracted Ameresco and Fluoresco Services, and the entire project took under 12 months to complete.

The LED conversion will significantly reduce Chandler’s streetlight electricity consumption while also reducing future maintenance, material, and supply costs.

LED technology provides the following benefits:

  • More efficient than the high-pressure sodium (HPS) with an energy savings of 50-60%
  • Extended life of the luminaires is beyond 10 years
  • Improved neighborhood visibility and safety

The annual energy savings from LED lighting add up to approximately $673,000. These savings will pay for sworn police officers to serve our community.

LED Shields

LED Shields

The city has implemented a process for residents to request a LED shield in the event of a streetlight shining into their yard/home. Please note that the new LED shields do not resemble the metal shields that were used previously for high-pressure sodium lights. The LED shields have a much smaller profile, and snap into the fixture but function similarly as the metal shields. Please note: We are unable to use any shields other than those that are specifically manufactured for our LEDs as it will negate the warranty.   

To request a shield petition, please review the LED Streetlight Shielding Policy, then email the Streets Division or call 480-782-3454. You must leave your first and last name, address, phone number, email address and either the pole number or location of the pole. The city will draft the petition and send it back to you. You will have 30 days to collect any required signatures. Once we receive the signed form and it is approved, we will create a work order to have the LED shield installed. 

For questions, concerns, or additional information, please email us or call 480-782-3460.