Bikes and Scooters

Getting around Chandler on your bike is easier than ever with regional bike paths published by the Maricopa Association of Governments.

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Family Bike Ride

Traditionally, Chandler hosts a Family Bike Ride every April in conjunction with Valley Bike Month. In 2020, the event was changed to a socially distanced activity that people shared on their social media accounts. 

The 2021 Chandler Family Bike Ride returns April 10-18 with another invitation for the community to get out and get moving on City bike paths, trails and streets for fun and healthy exercise. The nine-day Family Bike Ride encourages participants to enjoy one or more bike rides and share their experience with the community through their social media accounts. The event is free; however, pre-registration is encouraged.

We hope to return next year to the traditional 7.8-mile ride along the Paseo Trail, starting at Chandler’s Park & Ride lot in Tumbleweed Park. 

Family Bike Ride


Shared Scooters and Bikes

Dockless bike and scooter sharing companies are privately owned and operated and are not affiliated with the City. 


Scooter and Shared Bike Placement

Scooters ridden from neighboring cities could end up parked in Chandler. If you have a concern about where a bike or scooter is parked, please contact the appropriate company directly so that they can relocate the bike or scooter.  

Below is contact information for a couple of companies that may have scooters ridden into and parked in Chandler. If you get no response from the bike or scooter share company, please contact Jason Crampton with the City of Chandler Transportation Policy Division at 480-782-3402.  

Lime Scooter
Lime Scooter






Call or text: 888-546-3345

Bird Scooter




Abandoned Bikes

If you see a privately-owned abandoned bicycle that needs to be removed, please contact the City of Chandler Streets Division at 480-782-3500.