Lyft: First-Mile, Last-Mile Program

  • Designated bus stops south of Pecos Road
  • Lyft trip origin and destination must be within the eligible service area and to or from a Chandler bus stop in the service area, which is south of Pecos Road in Chandler, with some exceptions.
  • Multiple transfer points in proximity to Valley Metro bus routes 96, 104, 112 and 136
  • Download the Lyft mobile app
  • To activate your Chandler & Lyft: First-Mile, Last-Mile Program pass, please follow these steps:
    • Open the Lyft app on your mobile device.
    • Tap the menu icon ☰
    • Select Payment
    • Scroll down and select Add Lyft Pass
    • Enter the code: ChandlerTransit

Designated Bus Stops

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Discounts of up to 50% off on rides to and from designated bus stops south of Pecos Road are now available through a new partnership between the City of Chandler and the rideshare platform Lyft.

The First-Mile, Last-Mile program expands public transit access to an area of the City with limited availability, providing more convenience to bus riders while at the same time-saving Chandler taxpayers the high cost of extending bus routes further into south Chandler. Typically, expanding bus routes into the area would cost the City as much as $900,000 annually.

South Chandler residents currently have access to 54 Valley Metro bus stops south of Pecos Road, which are served by three bus routes with limited service south of Pecos Road. Lyft and the City have identified multiple transfer points in proximity to bus routes 96, 104, 112 and 136. 

Whether leaving from their home or another south Chandler location, First-Mile, Last-Mile participant’s en route or inbound ride must end within one-quarter mile of one of the designated bus stops. A returning or outbound ride to their home or other south Chandler location must start within one-quarter mile of a designated bus stop and end within the City limits south of Pecos Road.

To benefit from the First-Mile, Last-Mile program, participants must first download the Lyft mobile app and enter the Lyft Pass “ChandlerTransit” in their Lyft app. After it has been entered, the discount will apply to any eligible ride throughout the life of the pilot program. Lyft prices vary based on a number of factors, including distance, traffic and time.   

Discount applies to the fare, prime time charges, service fee, tolls, and taxes only. Cannot be combined with other offers. Subject to Lyft's terms of service.

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