Utility Services FAQs

You have questions and we have answers on a variety of topics related to Chandler water, sewer, and solid waste services. If, after reviewing the categories and information on this page, your question is not answered, please let us know by calling or emailing Chandler Utility Services.

Chandler Utility Services Center
175 S. Arizona Ave, Ste. A
Chandler, Az 85225



Utility Billing

There are three ways to make a payment with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover card:

  • • In person at our Customer Service Center at 175 S. Arizona Ave, Ste A.
  • Online Utility Bill Payment System available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • • Payment by telephone by calling 480-782-2280 and selecting the option to make a payment. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Your utility bill is due upon receipt and becomes delinquent 25 days after the bill is produced. This date is shown on the top section of your bill.

If you think you might have some trouble paying your bill, call us immediately at 480-782-2280 and a customer service representative will help you arrange a payment plan. We can also give you the names of other organizations in the community that might be able to assist you.

InvoiceCloud is the third party payment processor the City contracted with to expand electronic payment in Utilities and other areas of the City.

Solid Waste Services

Residents visiting the RSWCC facility for trash disposal, recycling, or for their scheduled appointments for household hazardous waste drop-off must bring with them their photo ID and their most recent utility bill or a copy of the bill (60 days or newer, per City Code), which serves as your RSWCC Pass (Transfer Facility Pass). Customers can use the utility billing system to print a copy of their bill whether or not they have a registered account. However, they must know their account and customer numbers. If you are not a registered customer and you would like to print an electronic copy of your utility bill, please go to the Account Login page, click "Transfer Facility Pass" on the left navigation menu, and follow the instructions.

Simply call the Solid Waste Division at 480-782-3510 and a representative will gladly assist you to establish additional service and answer your questions, or visit the Solid Waste Services website.

Water Meter/Utility

Final water inspections are normally completed within 24 hours after a request has been called in unless the call was made just before the weekend. You can call 480-782-3700 to find out the status of your request.

Water meter sets are normally completed within 24 hours after a request has been called in unless the call was made just before the weekend. You can call 480-782-3700 to find out the status of your request.

Water utility employees use a checklist that identifies the proper installation criteria for passing a service or meter. Upon completion of the inspection, a copy of this checklist is provided to the requestor to identify discrepancies, if any, or the approval of the service/meter as installed. Once the discrepancies have been corrected you can request another inspection by calling 480-782-3700.

Hydrant leaks are taken care of by the Water Distribution Division and can be reported by calling 480-782-3700.

A call 48 hours prior to the requested shut down can be called in at 480-782-3700. This lead-time allows for the crew to perform a test shut down ensuring there are no complications before the work is performed.

All concerns with your meter can be reported to the Water Distribution Division by calling 480-782-3700.

There is no replacement cost to the homeowner for the register or ERT. These costs are incorporated in the maintenance of this asset. To report a faulty or inoperative register or ERT contact the Water Distribution Division by calling 480-782-3700.

Fire hydrants can be identified as out of service for two reasons. The first is if it has a mechanical failure and the other is if it is a new hydrant that hasn't been inspected yet. Hydrants with malfunctions are scheduled daily for repairs. New Hydrants are scheduled for testing once the contractor has completed the set of hydrants he was commissioned to install. As either of these events occur the out of service ring is removed.

The City of Chandler does provide for the removal of bees but only inside water meter boxes. It does not provide a service to other areas of the property. Call 480-782-3700 to report bees in a meter box.

The best source of information for businesses that provide plumbing services is to consult the local phone book Yellow Pages.

All hydrant meters are allocated by the Utility Billing Department. They can be contacted by calling 480-782-2280.

Barricades remain on the job site until all hazards are removed or repaired to ensure the safety of our customers. At the conclusion of the project, the rental companies are called to pick-up the barricades. If you witness barricades that are not serving a purpose please contact the Water Distribution Division at 480-782-3700 for removal.