Federal Categorical Standards

Under the Clean Water Act, the National Pretreatment Program identifies distinct discharge standards and requirements that apply to specific sources of non-domestic wastewater discharged to a Public Owned Treatment Works (POTW). By reducing or eliminating waste at the industries ("source reduction"), fewer toxic pollutants are discharged to and treated by the POTW; thus, providing benefits to both the POTW and the Industrial Users (IU)

IUs with specific processes and waste streams – identified in the Federal Categorical Standards, are explicitly required to meet strict wastewater discharge quality parameters and must obtain an Industrial User Permit. However, it is the IU’s responsibility to determine the applicable Federal and City discharge requirements prior to operations. An IU must determine whether any of the Federal Categories Standards apply to the specific processes and operations conducted at their facility. 

The Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP) is available to assist and educate any IU in meeting all applicable Pretreatment Requirements.  The IPP staff will share their expertise and experience to guide SIUs through the legal and technical requirements of the pretreatment program compliance.

This Program sets forth Pretreatment Requirements that are consistent under the Clean Water Act, Title 40, Code of Federal Regulations (40 CFR) Part 403 “General Pretreatment Regulations for Existing and New Sources of Pollution,” Arizona Administrative Code Title 18 “Environmental Quality,” Chandler City Code Chapters 50-13, 51-6, 51-13, 51-24, 51-25, and governs discharges into a POTW by any Industrial User, even if the Industrial Users or POTW is located outside of the municipal boundaries of the City.


Federal Pretreatment Categories 40 CFR §
Aluminum Forming 467
Battery Manufacturing 461
Carbon Black Manufacturing 458
Centralized Waste Treatment 437
Coil Coating 465
Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (Feedlots) 412
Copper Forming 468
Electrical & Electronic Components (Semiconductors) 469
Electroplating 413
Fertilizer Manufacturing 418
Glass Manufacturing 426
Grain Mills 406
Ink Formulating 447
Inorganic Chemicals Manufacturing 415
Iron & Steel Manufacturing 420
Leather Tanning & Finishing 425
Metal Finishing 433
Metal Molding & Casting 464
Nonferrous Metals Forming and Metal Powders 471
Nonferrous Metal Manufacturing 421
Oil & Gas Extraction 435
Organic Chemicals, Plastics, & Synthetic Fibers 414
Paint Formulating 446
Paving & Roofing (Tars & Asphalt) 443
Petroleum Refining 419
Pesticide Chemicals 455
Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing 439
Porcelain Enameling 466
Pulp, Paper, & Paperboard 430
Rubber Manufacturing 428
Soap & Detergent Manufacturing 417
Steam Electric Power Generating 423
Timber Products Processing 429
Transportation Equipment Cleaning 442
Waste Combustors 444