Industrial User Permits

All Industrial Users (non-residential users) are subject to the City of Chandler’s Wastewater Pretreatment Program and must complete and submit a Wastewater Discharge Questionnaire / Permit Application (WWDQ) prior to discharging any wastewater to the Public Owned Treatment Works (POTW). Consequently, all non-residential users are required to submit a complete and signed WWDQ. Presented is a non-inclusive list of possible non-residential / industrial users (IUs) requiring a WWDQ:

  • Commercial facilities,
  • Industrial facilities,
  • Manufacturing facilities,
  • Food production facilities or food service establishments,
  • Medical facilities or dental offices,
  • Truck or car washes, or
  • Any other business facilities that discharge, or has the potential to discharge, any non-domestic wastewater to the POTW. 
  • Similarly, any facilities that store or handle hazardous or toxic materials / wastes must submit a WWDQ.

The type of Industrial User Permits issued is dependent upon the activities or processes occurring at that particular facility. It is not relevant if wastewater is generated from these processes and if generated, the disposition of the wastewater - discharged into the POTW or not – does not influence the facility’s obligation to obtain an Industrial User Permit.

Completing a WWDQ for an Industrial User Permit is required to help identify the type of permit necessary and to determine permitting requirements. If your facility needs an Industrial User Permit, remember the Industrial User Permit is to each IU; thus, dependent upon the applicable Federal Categorical Standards and Local Discharge Limitations established by the City of Chandler, the permit will regulate the amount of pollution (e.g. heavy metals and other toxic substances) the IU is authorized to discharge to the POTW. 

To maintain compliance the IU may be required to install treatment devices or systems in order to meet these pretreatment standards and discharge limitations. The IU also must comply with the permit reporting, Self-Monitoring (sample collection), and record-keeping requirements. The IU may be required to submit various reports, documents, or certifications, such as

The Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP) is dedicated to working collaboratively with you to implement pollution prevention and compliance strategies that are cost-effective and reliable. The IPP staff will share their expertise and experience to guide you through the legal and technical requirements of the pretreatment program compliance.