100 Things We Love About Chandler

Feb. 29, 2020
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Communications and Public Affairs

On Feb. 16, 1920, the town of Chandler was legally incorporated. Chandler may look different now, but even 100 years ago residents of Chandler were helping build our City’s reputation as a place of innovation for resilient and hardworking people to call home.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the incorporation of Chandler, we asked the community to help us build a list of 100 things we love about Chandler. Here’s what you had to say:

  1. Safe, beautiful neighborhoods

  2. Our friendly people 

  3. The small-town feel without the inconveniences of a small town

  4. Local festivals and events, specifically the Tumbleweed Tree Lighting and Parade of Lights, Ostrich Festival, Oktoberfest and all the food and music festivals

  5. The culture at Chandler’s companies:

    “I like how kind everyone is and how I can have a work-life balance here.”
  6. Chandler's many parks, especially Paseo Trail

  7. The forward-thinking leadership:

    “Starting in the 80s and 90s, decisions by leadership resulted in today’s beautiful community — we have parks throughout the city, cultural venues, great schools, high-quality libraries, careful consideration about how to plan out businesses in a downtown or our tech companies. This is an excellent attribute!”
  8. Chandler has the whole package:

    “I love everything about Chandler! I’m an AZ native but have lived and worked in Chandler for about 25 years. Everything you could ever want is here!”
  9. The quality of life compared to surrounding cities.

  10. The unique history of the City:

    “We have the only cork tree I know of in Arizona. Nice parks. I live in a house that's 105 years old so some of the old is still here.”
  11. Community Impact Newspaper

  12. The Environmental Education Center

  13. Veterans Oasis Park

  14. How many interesting businesses are moving and growing in Chandler

  15. Activities, staff and table tennis:

    “Chandler responds to citizens' requests and needs. It has responded very positively to the requests to provide opportunities for playing table tennis by providing facilities at both TRC and the Community Center.”
  16. The jazz and barbeque festivals, and all the culture in the City

  17. Neighborhoods and communities

  18. The artwork in the free Vision Gallery at City Hall

  19. Team Chandler:

    “I love the men and women who provide our city services. They are professional and helpful.”
  20. Access to quality healthcare within a short distance of neighborhoods

  21. Police that are helpful and responsive to calls

  22. A Fire Department that is one of the best in the Valley

  23. It’s way better than Wisconsin:

    “We moved to Chandler in 2011.  I LOVE this city! I am from a small town in Northern WI. Chandler has all the conveniences of a large city but with that hometown feel. The community is wonderful!”
  24. Entertainment and shopping at the Chandler Fashion Center mall

  25. The quality of Chandler’s libraries

  26. A park in every square mile for our children

  27. The collaboration between offices/departments/businesses in our City:

    “Great example, two Chandler Public Library locations are at Basha and Hamilton High Schools!”
  28. Downtown Chandler restaurants: “There’s always something new and tasty to try!”

  29. Downtown Chandler’s mix of locally-owned businesses rather than chain retailers and restaurants

  30. The Downtown square

    “It’s historical, but still vibrant with a mix of government, retail and entertainment.”
  31. Downtown Chandler’s transformation in recent years

  32. The #LoveChandlerChallenge spokesman with the red mohawk

  33. Chandler Center for the Arts 

  34. All of Chandler’s restaurants, including the hidden gems

  35. The ease of freeway transportation

  36. Chandler’s vibrant Asian communities

  37. The tradition of the Tumbleweed Tree

  38. All of the ostriches around Chandler

  39. The public art in Downtown Chandler and beyond

  40. The quality of life:

    “The people that live and work here, the first responders, and the people that run our city. I don't often praise politicians but ours are great.”
  41. Chandler’s leadership and elected officials 

  42. The diversity within Chandler’s community 

  43. The Día De Los Muertos festival

  44. Lifeguards at my local pool

  45. The Multicultural Festival

  46. Neighbors that are more than neighbors:

    “Love how neighbors help each other In times of need and watch out for strangers in their area and report the wrongs or good they do.”
  47. All of the amazing programs put on by Chandler Recreation

  48. The pools and aquatic centers

  49. The City’s commitment to water reclamation and water conservation

  50. The high-quality, highly rated public schools

  51. The success of our high school sports teams

  52. The City Government:

    “I love our City Government. They have kept our taxes down while maintaining a beautiful, well kept City. We have very little crime, and beautiful people and neighborhoods!”
  53. The safety within Chandler’s neighborhoods 

  54. Residents' strong sense of community:

    “Chandler is such a gem of a city. I love how inviting and accepting the people are. We welcome cultural diversity and have such pride in how we all work together. The city is well maintained and pretty! I like how there is always something new popping up. We are very welcoming to small businesses. Our growth has only strengthened us and we are spoiled with choices here.”
  55. Residents who take pride and ownership of the City they live in 

  56. Sunset views of South Mountain from Paseo Vista Park

  57. Downtown Chandler at night

  58. Chandler High School (Go Wolves!)

  59. Participating in the Chuck Wagon Cook-Off

  60. Our cultural diversity:

    “I love the city’s support of the Arts in Chandler. I love the energy of all the development in downtown Chandler. I love the highways providing easy access to the airport and all other parts of the Valley of the Sun. And I love the cultural diversity of our beautiful city.”
  61. It’s a great place to raise a family:

    “Chandler is an amazing place to raise your kids. It also has tons of food choices, and is the king of small businesses!”
  62. The artwork on the utility boxes in Uptown Chandler! So cool.

  63. Police and Fire teams that care about their citizens. 

    “We love you guys!”
  64. The integration of new technologies like Waymo

  65. All of the entrepreneurial opportunities available in Chandler

  66. Growing up in Chandler

    “This has been an amazing place to grow up. I couldn’t ask for anywhere better!”
  67. The vibrant diversity:

    “We are so grateful for the Indian dance training that our associate choreographer received growing up in Chandler!”
  68. The community’s pursuit of a long-term vision to create a future for Chandler’s visitors and citizens.

  69. The incredible community pride throughout the entire city

  70. The farms in South Chandler and the City feel Downtown and Uptown

  71. All of the lakes in South Chandler that feel like an oasis in the desert

  72. Housing that is accessible:

    “Affordable housing helps Chandler grow with good people.”
  73. Volunteers in Chandler:

    “It’s almost impossible not to get involved with the community.” 
  74. The memories made in Chandler:

    “My husband proposed to me in one of Chandler’s parks 25 years ago.”
  75. The people of Chandler: 

    “Hard-working, genuine and authentic families make up the community.”
  76. The schools — every one of them.

  77. The Senior Center and Community Center

  78. The ingenuity behind Paseo Trail:

    “Taking that ugly canal and turning it into an awesome walking or biking trail with lighting was an awesome initiative!”
  79. The cleanliness and family-friendly vibe of Chandler.

  80. The dog park at Paseo Vista Recreation Area

  81. Pickleball!

  82. Quick support from City staff:

    “I really appreciate how quick the City of Chandler is to remove graffiti when something is reported! Thank you.”
  83. The support and collaboration from other City offices and departments, like the art collaboration with the development of Downtown.

  84. FREE parking

  85. The Wave and how easy it is to get around easily in Downtown

  86. The small businesses and small business owners in Downtown Chandler.

  87. Our Mayor and City Council

  88. Tumbleweed Recreation Center

  89. The small-town feel with everything you need right here at home

  90. The exceptional growth of the City’s population and neighborhoods in the last decade

  91. The development of economic corridors that bring jobs to the City

  92. Low taxes and high property values

  93. Eating lunch and watching planes in the Hangar Cafe

  94. The blend of tradition and contemporary throughout the City. 

  95. Great utilities and city services:

    “Chandler has excellent parks and greenbelts for walking, and also great trash and recycling pickup!”
  96. The City’s smart and well-planned growth:

    “I’ve been living in West Chandler since 1983. We've witnessed our city's incredible growth. With superb planning and economic development, Chandler ensured our city would become one of the best places to live in the U.S.  Today, Chandler has tens of thousands of well-paying jobs, convenient access to multiple freeways, attractive neighborhoods and three excellent school districts. Kudos to all our professional administrators, elected officials and involved residents who made it happen. We love Chandler!”
  97. The City’s commitment to be the Community of Innovation

  98. How much the City cares about its homeless population and connecting them to resources to help them get on their feet

  99. The Chandler Museum and the interesting and free exhibits they hold

  100. The fact that there are so many more than 100 reasons to love Chandler!

*Some comments have been edited for length and clarity