Art, STEM and…George Lopez?

Oct. 12, 2021
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Voices of Chandler

If you think that title is catchy, wait until you listen to the rest of Episode 7 of Voices of Chandler, The Podcast. Join host Melina Zuniga and local contributors, Peter Bugg, City of Chandler Visual Arts Coordinator, and Niki Tapia, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Supervisor , as they delve into these various, seemingly unrelated topics.

Episode 7 Highlights:

  • Artist Miguel Godoy recalls living in many different places like San Diego and Berlin, before settling into the City of Chandler with his family. He loves Chandler for its diversity and inclusion, making it easier for him to adapt his ‘low-rider style’ of graphic art into public galleries (murals) for everyone to enjoy. Learn more about how hip-hop affected his youth and how boxing affects his creative process today. Check out Miguel’s latest work at the Gallery in the Chandler Center for the Arts from Oct. 2 – Nov. 13.
  • Fredi Lajvardi, a STEM educator who works for the Si Se Puede Foundation, discusses his background and success during Tapia’s “Unapologetically Diverse” segment. In 2004, Lajvardi lead a team of local high school students to win a national robotics competition against major universities, like MIT, ultimately becoming the subject of a film called Spare Parts, starring none other than George Lopez. Fredi continues breaking barriers through his foundation to allow greater access to STEM for women/lower-income districts and raising awareness of how STEM relates to real life.
  • Desert WAVE (Women in Autonomous Vehicle Engineering) students at Arizona State University, Andrea Scoonover and Jessica Dirks, mention the importance of opening STEM, or STEAM, for more individuals to find their place in this field.

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Melina Zuniga, Digital Media Journalist

Meet the Host 

Melina Zuniga, Digital Media Journalist

Melina is an Arizona native that works in Video Production for City's Communications and Public Affairs Department. She is passionate about connecting with the community to tell their stories and as a self-considered creative type, she enjoys the challenge of finding a different point of view for her storytelling.

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