Bocce Ball Coming to Tumbleweed Park

Aug. 3, 2019
| by:
Councilmember Matt Orlando

Chandler aims to provide a diverse array of recreational amenities throughout the community. Annually, our Community Services department reviews ways to improve or create new programs to meet the needs of our diverse population. As a Councilmember and a resident of Chandler, I am dedicated to building a community where these needs are heard and addressed.

In the last year, several residents have advocated for additional bocce ball courts, particularly at Tumbleweed Park. In the FY2019-2020 budget, I put forth a $30,000 budget amendment to fund two bocce ball courts with shared lighting at Tumbleweed Park. My hope is that providing this amenity to our residents will improve their quality of life, as they will be able to spend more time playing and less time on the road driving to further parks. These types of amenities bring the community together, and I look forward to sharing updates as this project progresses. Courts will be ready for action by the end of 2019.