Frye Road Protected Bike Lanes

Projects: ST2106.201 / CHN0250D / T031703D

The City of Chandler is designing improvements to construct approximately 2.5 miles of protected bike lanes along Frye Road from approximately one-half mile west of Arizona Avenue to the Paseo Trail (Consolidated Canal).

The project area includes existing signalized intersection crossings at Arizona Avenue and McQueen Road, a railroad crossing, connections to five Chandler Unified School District (CUSD) schools, San Marcos Park, Folley Memorial Park, and the Paseo Trail (Consolidated Canal).

The entire length of the project is within the City of Chandler right-of-way, connecting to Salt River Project (SRP) right-of-way on the east end of the project at the Paseo Trail (Consolidated Canal).

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Construction is expected to begin in late 2024.


Frye Road Protected Bike Lane Project Map

Project History

The Frye Road Protected Bike Lanes project was identified as a near-term bicycle facility recommendation in the Chandler Transportation Master Plan (TMP) 2019 Update. During the development of the TMP 2019 Update, the majority of community feedback indicated that Chandler residents are interested in bicycling but have concerns over sharing roadways with vehicles and desire a more comfortable experience that physically separates bicyclists from vehicular traffic.

The Frye Road Protected Bike Lanes Project will be the first project to design and install protected bike lanes to address these concerns, provide a more comfortable option for bicyclists, and enhance the connection and accessibility to Downtown Chandler, schools, parks, and the Paseo Trail.

Frye Road is classified as a federal functional class minor arterial in the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). However, within the project limits, it functions as a collector street and is not shown as a minor arterial on the City of Chandler’s TMP 2019 Update Roadway Function Classification Map.

Please contact us with your questions or comments, or you can call our project hotline to speak with one of the team members.

Project Hotline: 480-898-4060