Road Construction and Traffic Restrictions

Road Construction and Traffic Restrictions

    Chandler and Valley freeway construction

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    Road Projects and Traffic Restrictions

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    The City of Chandler has partnered with Waze to enable Chandler road restrictions to appear on their app.  Chandler's information is available online via Waze Live Map or by downloading the Waze app.

    Traffic Restrictions

    Current Roadway Projects and Major Street Closures

    The Alma School Road Design Concept Report was finalized in July 2019.  Three phases of improvements to Alma School Road are planned, as identified in the 10 Year Plan for City Capital Improvements.

    Phase One improvements on Alma School Road from Pecos Road to Germann Road are complete.

    Phase Two improvements on Alma School Road are from Germann to Queen Creek roads. Design is scheduled for Fiscal Years 2023-2024 and 2024-2025 and construction is scheduled for Fiscal Year 2025/26.

    Phase Three improvements on Alma School Road are from Chandler Boulevard to Pecos Road. Design is scheduled for Fiscal Years 2024-2025 and 2025-2026, and construction is scheduled for Fiscal Year 2026-2027.

    For more information, visit the Alma School Road project or call the project hotline at 480-898-4060.

    Information specifically about the Arizona Avenue Alternatives Analysis Study can be found online by visiting Valley Metro, or calling Victoria Bray at 602-490-8284.

    The City is widening Chandler Heights Road to four lanes (two in each direction) between McQueen and Gilbert roads.  Construction began in fall 2022.

    For more information, visit Chandler Heights Improvement Project: McQueen Road to Gilbert Road.

    The City is planning to widen Chandler Heights Road between Gilbert Road and Val Vista Drive. The project is in the design phase currently. Construction is scheduled to start in 2024.

    The project will widen the two-lane road to four lanes (two lanes in each direction) with raised medians, bike lanes, center turn lane, curb, gutter, sidewalk, street lighting and drainage improvements. A public meeting was held Nov. 14, 2018 to discuss the project and obtain community input.

    For more information, visit Chandler Heights Road Improvement Project: Gilbert Road to Val Vista Drive or call the project hotline at 480-898-4060. 

    A storm drain, water and sewer improvement project is underway in the Detroit Basin/Gazelle Meadows Park area. This project is jointly funded by the City of Chandler and the Flood Control District of Maricopa County. Engineering design and modeling began in spring 2022. 

    Construction will begin in 2023. During construction, street excavation will be required to install large underground pipes.

    Get more details about the Detroit Basin and Erie Street Improvements.

    Thanks to Chandler voters in the November 2021 bond election, funds were allocated to update Fire Station No. 282, also known at Fire Station #2, located on Alma School Road, south of Warner. Work began in August 2022 and the project is being built by Core Construction.

    City Council approved $5.8 million for phased reconstruction of this station. The new station will have the capacity for a second engine company, which will improve response times. Fire Station #2 will remain fully operational during the reconstruction process and the project is expected to be completed in fall 2023.

    For more information, visit Fire Station #2.

    The City of Chandler has contracted with B&F Contracting, Inc. to repair a water main connected to the Hahn Well Site that crosses under Warner Road just west of the railroad crossing between McQueen Road and Arizona Ave. Coordination of utility relocation is in progress. 

    Project Info Call: 480-782-3328

    A project assessment was completed in Fall 2022 with the information, exhibits, and final report from that effort provided below. The project is currently in design.

    After final design is completed (anticipated in 2024), bid documents will be prepared, advertised, and awarded to the successful construction contractor. Construction is anticipated to begin in 2025.

    Visit Kyrene/Highline Shared Use Path Projects for more information about this project.

    This project consists of widening Lindsay Road, from approximately 600 feet north of Ocotillo Road to Hunt Highway, with four through lanes (two through lanes in the northbound and southbound directions), as a minor arterial standard with 55' on each side.

    This project will complete the gaps of missing arterial roadway improvements between developed communities.  Improvements include new pavement, raised landscaped medians, bike lanes, center turn lane, curb, gutter, sidewalk, Americans with Disabilities Act upgrades, street lighting, drainage infrastructure, communication and traffic signal infrastructure, utility relocations, landscaping and fence restoration, and traffic signal upgrades and dual left turn lanes at intersection of Lindsay Road and Riggs Road.  The project includes drainage improvements such as retention basins and concrete scuppers to accommodate future drainage needs in the project area.  In addition, there will be improvements to traffic signals and the traffic signal interconnect, as well as new LED street lighting and conversion of overhead electrical SRP 12kV Overhead Power to underground.

    For more information, visit Lindsay Road Project or call the Project Hotline at 480-898-4060.

    The City of Chandler has contracted with Achen-Gardner Construction to construct needed sewer manhole and pipe repairs in McQueen Road, north of Appleby Road.

    Construction began in June in the southbound lanes (west side) of McQueen Road.

    McQueen Road will remain open for travel with southbound traffic reduced to one lane, shifted to the east side of the median, and two northbound lanes maintained. Left turns will be restricted to/from Appleby Road, and the southbound bike lane and sidewalk on the west side of McQueen Road will also be closed.

    Work will take place during daytime hours, weekdays, with traffic control remaining in place 24/7 to protect the work zone.

    Project Info: 480-898-4060

    The project is under construction and will widen Ocotillo Road, from Gilbert Road to 148th Street, to four lanes (two lanes in each direction), with raised medians, bike lanes, center turn lane, curb, gutter, sidewalk, street lighting, drainage improvements and utility relocations.

    The project is receiving federal funds for design and a combination of federal and local funding for land acquisition and construction. Construction began in November 2022.

    For more information, visit Ocotillo Road Project or call the Project Hotline at 480-898-4060.

    The City of Chandler is conducting a 9-month study to evaluate the feasibility of upgrading existing bike lanes to protected bike lanes on arterials and collectors.

    This project will analyze both existing and planned bike lanes on arterial and collector streets and determine which bike lanes could be converted to protected lanes without removing a vehicle lane or widening the roadway.

    This final report will include:

    • protected bike lane design criteria,
    • determine the feasibility of converting existing and planned bike lanes to protected bike lanes in the City of Chandler, and
    • develop a prioritized list of locations for implementation.

    For more information, visit Protected Bike Lane Feasibility Study.

    The City of Chandler administers a Wastewater Sewer Assessment Program that evaluates, prioritizes, and makes needed repairs to sewer pipes and manholes within the City’s wastewater collection system. As part of this program, sewer pipe and six manholes in the vicinity of the intersection of Dobson Road and Chandler Boulevard, and in Dobson Road to just north of Galveston Street, were identified as needing rehabilitation or replacement.

    • Construction began May 2023.

    For more information, visit: Sewer & Water Improvements: Dobson Rd. and Chandler Blvd.

    The City of Chandler contracted with Achen-Gardner Construction to relocate existing Chandler utilities, such as water and sewer pipeline, in preparation for the future Salt River Project (SRP) 230 kV project to Intel. Work was completed in the proposed SRP easement in Alma School Road from Lake Drive south to Chandler Heights Road, and east in Chandler Heights Road to east of Arizona Avenue at the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) tracks. SRP is now conducting their work in the proposed SRP easement.

    See a project map and learn more details on the Utility Relocation Project.