Water Main Replacements

Project: WA2203.201

Arrowhead Tyson Sunset Project Area

The City of Chandler has contracted with GHD Engineering for the design phase of a water main replacement project which will replace water pipeline, associated residential service connections, and fire hydrants in Tyson Manor, Sunset Manor and Arrowhead Meadows neighborhoods in Chandler. These neighborhoods are located north of Chandler Boulevard to Galveston Street, between Alma School Road and Hartford Street, and portions of the project include relocating the waterline from the alley behind the residences to the street in front of the residences.

Current Project Schedule:

  • Design and permitting: Fall 2023 thru Spring 2024
  • Construction: Summer 2024 thru Spring 2026

Potholing Activity:  As part of the design process, in early October crews will begin potholing in various locations throughout the project area over the next 4-6 weeks. Potholing is a common activity during design and consists of digging a hole approximately 12" in diameter, and using a vactor (vacuum) truck to remove gravel and dirt, to identify the specific depth and location of underground utilities or subsurface conditions. This effort aids the design process and minimizes conflicts during construction. Once complete, the pothole is backfilled and the area restored. Each pothole takes just a few hours to conduct.

Roads will remain open for travel during the potholing activity with traffic shifted away from the work area. This effort will take place during daytime hours, weekdays.

Individual Resident Meetings:  During design, individual meetings are being scheduled with affected property owners to discuss impacts on individual properties and have property owners sign an authorization to access property form to be able to perform the work during construction.

If you are a property owner in the project area, please provide your contact info so we can contact you, as needed, to schedule your meeting, and keep you updated on our progress. 


If you have questions or need additional information regarding the project, please contact us.

Project Hotline: 480-898-4060