Connecting with Constituents

Aug. 3, 2019
| by:
by Vice Mayor Terry Roe

City Council is dedicated to making Chandler the most connected city, which means connecting with constituents, businesses and visitors on a variety of platforms.

As our community has progressed into a digital age, our communication tactics have adapted to ensure we are continuing to reach our constituents via their preferred mediums. The amount of digital content our Communications and Public Affairs team produces to promote upcoming initiatives, events and other important information has drastically increased.

In order to continue our high standard of transparency and communication, I brought forth a $9,000 budget amendment for a Digital Media Field Kit. The field kit will allow our Digital Media Team to produce high-quality content for social media, as well as the City website and other communication platforms. This field kit will help us capture important moments in Chandler’s history for us to share for generations to come.

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