Conversations on Conservation

Oct. 26, 2021
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Voices of Chandler

On this episode of Voices of Chandler, The Podcast host Melina Zuniga and local contributors, Deina Burns, Chandler’s Water Conservation Coordinator, Daniella Rodriguez, Chandler’s Water Conservation Specialist, explore the City’s efforts to preserve this valuable resource.

Episode 9 Highlights:

  • During Deina’s H2wOah segment, the ladies discuss “all things water” to teach us how “every drop counts.”
  • Learn the differences between ‘drought’ and’ shortage’, along with many other key vocabulary terms regarding water use, as well as who is affected by such circumstances.
  • Chandler’s diversified water supply keeps us safe and functioning, plus there are always new innovations in water retention throughout the City.

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Melina Zuniga, Digital Media Journalist

Meet the Host 

Melina Zuniga, Digital Media Journalist

Melina is an Arizona native that works in Video Production for City's Communications and Public Affairs Department. She is passionate about connecting with the community to tell their stories and as a self-considered creative type, she enjoys the challenge of finding a different point of view for her storytelling.

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