Here's the Thing About Chandler

Aug. 26, 2021
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Communications and Public Affairs

Join host Melina Zuniga as she takes a deep dive into anything and everything Chandler from community stories to city development.

Voices of Chandler, the Podcast, will cover the inside stories from this metro Phoenix city. Podcast listeners will hear from Chandler residents, community leaders, business owners, non-profits, and experts from the City of Chandler who will cover City-wide topics of interest. For example, what happens behind the scenes at the Chandler Center for the Arts? Who painted the mural that you walked past in Downtown Chandler? Or, what is the story behind your favorite coffee shop in your neighborhood? Voices of Chandler puts a spotlight on the stories that might not be heard anywhere else. Listeners will learn all about Chandler as a city and a community.

Episode 1 Highlights:

  • Chandler was founded on May 17, 1912 by Dr. A.J. Chandler, who was the first veterinary surgeon for the territory of Arizona. In 1891, he bought 80 acres of land south of Mesa that became the beginning of Chandler. He was also the town’s first mayor.
  • Another notable Chandler resident was Zora Folley, a contender for the boxing heavyweight title who fought against Muhammed Ali. The story of his legacy is on view at the Chandler Museum in the “Bigger than Boxing: Zora Folley and the 1967 Heavyweight Title” exhibition. Hear from his son, Zora Folley Jr., who talks about how his dad helped put Chandler on the map.
  • Listen to a track by Rising Sun Daughter, aka Grace Rolland, a local musician who is also part of the group Run Boy Run.
  • Learn the story behind State 48, an iconic brand based in Chandler. One of the owners, Mike Spangenberg, explains why locating the company headquarters in Chandler was so important.  
  • Go behind the scenes and learn the inspiration for the mural on Commonwealth Place on the south side of the Crowne Plaza Phoenix Chandler Golf Resort. Peter Bugg, City of Chandler Visual Arts Coordinator, interviews Ariana Enriquez, the artist and Chandler High School alum.

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Melina Zuniga, Digital Media Journalist

Meet the Host 


Melina Zuniga, Digital Media Journalist

Melina is an Arizona native that works in the Video Production Department at the City. She is passionate about connecting with the community to tell their stories and as a self-considered creative type, she enjoys the challenge of finding a different point of view for her storytelling.

She has been told that she looks like a young Catherine Zeta-Jones and that if she had a nightly radio show she’d be known as “Midnight Mami” but you can be the judge of that.

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