Low Water, Low Maintenance Trees

Aug. 3, 2019
| by:
Councilmember Mark Stewart

Our parks and neighborhoods are as unique and vibrant as the residents of Chandler. Ensuring Chandler’s residents enjoy an unparalleled quality of life has always been important to me. By maintaining appealing landscaping elements in our parks and communities, the City provides an inviting place for our community to live, work and play.

As such, a budget amendment I sponsored for Fiscal Year 2019-2020 will use $20,000 to purchase low-water-use trees to plant during City's Annual Earth and Arbor Day Celebration. Due to our desert climate, low-water, low-maintenance trees were specifically chosen to support our goal of continued sustainability. These trees will add to the aesthetics of our parks as they support the environment in a variety of ways. My hope is that these trees will add beauty and inspire a sense of community in a way that spans generations.