Manufacturing Company Spotlight: State Seal Company

Oct. 9, 2020
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Economic Development

State Seal Company recently relocated their headquarters and manufacturing operations to our West Chandler employment corridor where they employ approximately 80 full-time employees.

As we continue to spotlight manufacturing companies here in Chandler, we asked Jason Saxton, President of the State Seal Company, to provide us with more insight on the company’s overall operations here, what manufacturing in the City of Chandler is like and why others should consider relocating their business to our community.

  1. How long has your company been operating in Chandler, Arizona? We have been in Chandler since January 2018.

  1. Tell us about your company and the type of products being manufactured here in Chandler. State Seal Company is a manufacturer and distributor of a comprehensive range of both standard and custom designed seals, gaskets and converted products. We have been specializing in providing solutions to our customers’ sealing and gasket challenges since 1966. We are aligned with the leading seal and raw material OEMs for the markets we serve.

  1. How widely used are your components? Our product-line is extremely diverse and used in virtually every market.  Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) require our product-line for sealing, shielding and gasketing of their components.

  1. Any products we would be surprised to learn that your components go into? Since our inception in 1966, State Seal has supported applications with extreme technical requirements and demands. We have products that support both manned and unmanned space applications.

  1. What are the top markets State Seal Company serves? Top markets served would be Defense, Industrial, Small Engine, Aerospace and Semiconductor.

  1. Are there any emerging markets for your company? (i.e. markets where you are starting to see increased sales) Yes, State Seal is seeing increased sales as it relates to the  Electric Vehicle (EV) and Space markets.

  1. What is your top selling product? Our top product line categories are Molded Rubber components and Die-Cut Elastomers.

  1. Are you currently hiring? If so, what types of positions are you looking to fill? Yes! State Seal Company is always on the lookout for experienced machine operators for both our first and second shift. We also have a few quality positions available. You can apply and submit your resume through our website or our Indeed posting.

  1. What three words best describe what you think of Chandler, Arizona? Convenient, Transformative and Charming.

  1. In your opinion, why should someone consider the City of Chandler to relocate and/or expand their manufacturing business? Chandler has many programs and resources to offer in order to help bolster your current manufacturing capabilities, whether it be management training or marketing strategies and anything in between! These programs are a great asset for those companies who are looking at establishing and/or strengthening their business.

  1. How would you describe the manufacturing workforce in Chandler and the East Valley? The manufacturing workforce in Chandler and the East Valley has enhanced its opportunities for many local residents in their career field and has really put Arizona on the map for having some of the leading companies in the nation!

  1. Is it easy for your employees to make their commute to work and has the Loop 202 expansion made any impacts? State Seal Company’s location in Chandler has benefited a great number of our employees because of its convenient access to major freeways. The 202 expansion has been a crucial part of expanding this convenience in making it easier on our employees to communicate back and forth from East Valley. In some cases, has cut commute time in half!

  1. How has COVID impacted your industry and your local operations? COVID has impacted our industry in a number of ways. We have had to become even more innovative and creative with our approach as a manufacturing and distribution company. Between temporary customer closures, the working remote era and handling employee challenges during this time; it has given us the opportunity to safeguard State Seal’s continuity plan to ensure both our employees and customers needs are being met. 

The City of Chandler is a location for business success and sense of place that appeals to large and small businesses alike. If you are launching a business, expanding or considering location options — contact a member of our team, as we are happy to tell you more about the advantages of doing business in Chandler, Arizona.