More Than Sunglasses and a Great Tan

Feb. 11, 2021
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Chandler Parks & Recreation

Everyone comes to that crossroads in life when it’s time to enter the workforce. Here at Chandler Aquatics, a job as a lifeguard can offer so much more than just hours and a paycheck. You gain a sense of community, build lifelong friendships, and get the opportunity to leave lasting impressions on people’s lives.


From swim lessons to public swim, Chandler Lifeguards get to connect and bond with the guests that come to our pools. You are part of a child’s first water experience, whether it’s learning to swim or going down the water slide. “There really is no comparison with other jobs I’ve had. You learn something new every day and the work is very hands-on and rewarding. If you teach lessons, you get to watch your students learn and grow. If you lifeguard, you are looked up to and get to be a role model for kids in our communities,” said Andrea Pedraza, Lifeguard. “We get to provide families with the fun timeless summer activity of going to the pool,” said Grady Campbell. Not only do you build connections and community with the guests, but the friendships made with your fellow lifeguards last a lifetime.

Lifelong Friendships

From countless bridesmaids, college roommates, and even spouses, the friendships started in the guardroom extend well beyond your time at the pool. “I can proudly say my best friends in the world I met through lifeguarding,” said Jaden Lynch. “You build a special bond working a job where you have to work with your co-workers to save lives.” Many of our lifeguards consider the friends they make during the season to be their second family. “The trust built amongst lifeguard teams during the season creates unbreakable bonds that no one can really explain,” said Jessica Chamberlain. “The dynamics of hard work and training mixed with unique cultures at each pool create tight-knit families that can rise to any challenge.” While the friendships made at work stay with you for life, the work you do also has intangible value.


Lifeguards are trained to be ready to respond to an emergency at any time, but making a rescue leaves a lasting impression on you and the life you saved. After a swimmer got into water that was too deep, Jaden Lynch jumped in and saved a young girl, “The ability to save lives is usually associated with older adults with medical degrees and stuff, but in my case, I was just 16. I was doing my job, but I still felt like a hero.” Showing up to work every day knowing you can make a difference in someone’s life makes lifeguarding more than just a job. You leave lifeguarding with so many life skills such as professionalism, good communication, time management, teamwork, and leadership. “Being a lifeguard means I get to protect people in my community,” said Aubrey Naleski. “It makes me feel like what I do every day at work is valuable and makes a difference.”

If you are on the fence about becoming a lifeguard Jaden Lynch says, “The hours are flexible, the pay is good. But what is worth more than both of these things are the life skills and fun you will get out of being a lifeguard. If you’re hesitant, just try a summer and I assure you, you will want to come back.”

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