Offering a Hand Up to Address Homelessness

Oct. 24, 2022
| by:
Matt Burdick, Communications & Public Affairs Director
Offering a Hand Up to Address Homelessness
Directly from the Source: Season 1, Episode 4

Homelessness is a concern in our community and others in the region. Listen in as host Matt Burdick and Community Resources Manager Riann Balch and Community Navigator Supervisor Misty Gustafson discuss the current state of homelessness and the ways it’s being addressed in Chandler.   

Episode Highlights:

  • Riann and Misty describe what they’re seeing in Chandler in terms of chronic homelessness and those experiencing homelessness for the first time.  
  • Riann and Misty discuss the importance of housing stability and the outcomes being achieved through programs to get and keep people housed.
  • Riann explains why services for the homeless doesn’t attract more homeless people and why those wanting to end homelessness shouldn’t give to panhandlers
  • Misty explains the role of a community navigator and shares personal stories regarding their efforts to end homelessness.

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