A Peculiar Episode 

Oct. 7, 2021
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Voices of Chandler

We’ve said it before, Chandler has a lot of art. It’s only right that we have a whole episode dedicated to it. Tune in to Episode 6 of Voices of Chandler, The Podcast to tap into your artistic side. Join host Melina Zuniga in introducing Backstage at the Center with Cynde Cerf, and Chandler’s Got Art with Peter Bugg, as they talk to artists that are headlining and exhibiting this weekend in Chandler. 

Episode 4 Highlights: 

  • Cynde Cerf talks to Mykal Kilgore, once a viral YouTube star with PostModern Jukebox to being on Broadway and a GRAMMY nominee this past year. Join their conversation on his career, his influences, and where he is heading. Don't miss Mykal when he performs with Jamison Ross at the Chandler Center for the Arts on Sunday, Oct. 10
  • Peter Bugg introduces artist Rebecca Blume Rothman and her exhibit in collaboration with Christy Puetz, A Peculiar Nature. They discuss artistic beginnings, influences and the collaboration between artists that brought this exhibit to Chandler, Ariz. 

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Melina Zuniga, Digital Media Journalist

Meet the Host 

Melina Zuniga, Digital Media Journalist

Melina is an Arizona native that works in Video Production for City's Communications and Public Affairs Department. She is passionate about connecting with the community to tell their stories and as a self-considered creative type, she enjoys the challenge of finding a different point of view for her storytelling.

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