Recycling is Changing: Recycle Right

April 13, 2020
| by:
Communications and Public Affairs

Recycling is changing in Chandler. Market conditions have shifted and limited the items the City can accept for recycling. In order to keep our program alive and fiscally healthy, it is important that residents take extra care to recycle right.

Recycle Only Accepted Items

To keep Chandler’s program running smoothly, only the items currently accepted for recycling in Chandler at this time are listed below. Any other items in your blue recycling bin are considered “contamination” and have to be sent to the landfill at an additional cost to the City.


  • Office and writing paper, mail, newspapers and magazines


  • Boxes (empty and flat) and paper tubes from paper towels, toilet paper and gift wrap.


  • Plastic bottles and jugs (empty and rinsed). Caps and lids are ok if securely attached to the container.


  • Aluminum and steel/tin cans (empty and rinsed)


  • Food and beverage bottles and jars (empty and rinsed)

Recycling Updates

Shredded paper is no longer accepted in Chandler’s recycling program due to market conditions and issues with plastic bags getting caught in sorting equipment. Bag and tie shredded paper and place in your trash can for disposal. 

Plastic bottles and jugs are the only plastic containers accepted for recycling in Chandler. Plastic cups, tubs, clamshell containers, food trays, and take out containers should be reused or bag and tied and placed in the trash. 

The way we talk about recycling symbols on plastics is changing. We no longer focus on the recycling numbers on plastics because they can be misleading. Many items that have the recycling symbol are not accepted in the curbside program but may be accepted elsewhere, For example, plastic bags are recyclable at grocery stores. The plastic numbers only show what type of plastic it is made from, not if it is recyclable in the City's recycling program. Instead, keep it simple and only recycle the items listed above that you know are accepted and actually get made into new items.  If in doubt, leave it out.

Get Help from Recycle Coach

If you have questions about what you can and can’t recycle, Recycle Coach can help. This free app for residents includes a custom search tool to help you determine whether or not an item belongs in the trash or recycling. It also includes a personalized collection calendar, pick-up reminders and information on collection requirements.

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