Shaping the Future: An Overview of Chandler’s Bond Election Process

Nov. 16, 2020
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Communications and Public Affairs

Chandler has developed a reputation over several decades for being a well-managed, fiscally conservative City supported by a diversified economy and strong financial reserves. Chandler has earned the highest ratings from all three primary bond rating agencies primarily due to our sound financial management and judicious use of bond funding to build major projects.

Residents entrust the City Council and City staff to maintain the strong quality of life in Chandler and recommend the use of bond funding to address capital needs. The City Council last asked voters in 2007 to authorize the use of bond funding to partially or completely fund public safety facilities, develop parks and recreation areas, build the Chandler Museum, expand and maintain City streets and intersections and upgrade water and wastewater infrastructure.

With many projects now completed, another bond election is under consideration for 2021. The City Council established a Citizen Bond Exploratory Committee in August to review community needs, prioritize potential projects and make a recommendation for the amount of bond authorization needed to maintain and enhance the City’s public infrastructure and facilities.

Citizen Bond Exploratory Committee

The Citizen Bond Exploratory Committee is chaired by former Chandler Mayor and current Arizona Corporation Commissioner Boyd Dunn. This committee consists of a total of 49 Chandler residents serving on subcommittees with a specific area of focus, including the Airport, Facilities, Finance, Technology, Parks, Public Safety and Public Works.

Since August, committee members have met regularly to discuss the current status of the City’s capital facilities and infrastructure and review short- and long-term future needs. Committee meetings have included presentations from staff members, explanations of City finances and reviews of numerous planning studies, strategic planning documents and public surveys conducted in recent years.

Committee members are evaluating and deliberating to develop a list of priorities and recommendations that will be submitted to the City Council in early 2021. To understand the size and scope of the community’s needs, committee members have toured City facilities, including water and wastewater plants, Chandler Center for the Arts, recreation centers, police and fire stations, traffic management center and Dr. A.J. Chandler Park in the downtown square.

How to Participate in the Bond Election

Chandler residents can attend committee meetings, monitor their progress online and use the online feedback form to offer input. This webpage contains meeting schedules, agendas, minutes and copies of committee presentations and documents.

If the City Council decides a bond election is in the community’s best interest, they will choose the capital projects they deem most important and the amount of bond authorization that will need to be sought. Ultimately, Chandler voters will decide whether to approve all, some or none of the bond proposals.

A bond election is an opportunity for residents to decide what community improvements or enhancements they are willing to pay for through property taxes. The sale of general obligation bonds allows those improvements to be used by the community sooner, while the cost is paid over time by existing and new taxpayers that benefit from those facilities over their useful life.

Residents can follow the bond election process at their leisure.

Past Bond Projects

Water/Wastewater Facility Improvements

Water/Wastewater Facility Improvements


Paseo Park

Paseo Park Playground


Street Revaing and Maintenance

Street Repaving and Maintenance


Public Safety Training Facility

Public Safety Training Center