Skateboarding, Snedigar and Tokyo 2020: A Conversation with Men's Team USA Skateboarding Coach, Andrew Nicolaus

Nov. 9, 2021
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Voices of Chandler

So far, we’ve learned that Chandler is full of artists and innovators, but did you know Chandler is also the hometown of Team USA’s Olympic Men’s Skateboarding Coach, Andrew Nicolaus? He is one of only a handful of professional skateboarding coaches on an Olympic level.

On this episode of Voices of Chandler, The Podcast host Melina Zuniga dives into the world of skateboarding and its connection to Chandler on a national scale.  

Episode 12 Highlights:

  • Andrew has been skating now for about 20 years, starting locally at the Chandler Skatepark at Snedigar Sportsplex back when it was one of the largest parks of its kind nationally
  • Learn about his journey from skateboarding in Chandler as a kid to becoming a pro skater and coach
  • Get the inside scoop on what it’s really like at the Olympic Village
  • Skateboarding is new to the Olympic Games as of Summer 2020/2021, hear Andrew explain how athletes can make a career of the sport both in and out of the world’s stadium

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Melina Zuniga, Digital Media Journalist

Meet the Host 

Melina Zuniga, Digital Media Journalist

Melina is an Arizona native that works in Video Production for City's Communications and Public Affairs Department. She is passionate about connecting with the community to tell their stories and as a self-considered creative type, she enjoys the challenge of finding a different point of view for her storytelling.

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