What Does It Mean to Be a City?

July 18, 2023
| by:
Matt Burdick, Communications & Public Affairs Director
Directly from the Source – Season 1, Episode 6

Not to worry, this episode won’t create flashbacks to high school government class. Listen to Episode 6 of Directly from the Source, a Chandler podcast, as host Matt Burdick and City Attorney Kelly Schwab, and Strategic Initiatives Director Ryan Peters delve into the roles and authorities of a city as well as efforts to represent Chandler’s interests in Arizona.

Episode Highlights:

  • Kelly discusses the historical and legal process for a city to be formed and how powers are granted to cities by Arizona State Constitution and Arizona State Legislature
  • Kelly and Ryan describe the policy-making roles and responsibilities of cities and the city council
  • Ryan and Kelly address the ways Chandler interacts with other governing agencies, authorities, and boards that impact our community, including in the areas of schools, energy, and water
  • Having specialized authorities and locally elected governing bodies offer the benefits of accessibility and responsiveness to residents
  • Ryan talks about how Chandler advocates on state legislative issues and both guests address the importance of local control in cities
  • Both guests elaborate on the significance of the voter-approved General Plan to guide development decisions in Chandler, an illustration of local control in action
  • This podcast episode was recorded in Feb. 2023. 

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