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The City of Chandler is committed to building a prosperous community for our residents and employers. The Chandler Career Center is a custom built platform designed to connect job seekers with employers and workforce development opportunities. Access the Chandler Career Center and other workforce resources.


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Arizona has a rich history in aerospace and defense with the fourth highest concentration of aerospace manufacturing jobs in the nation. Chandler plays a part in this by being home to a diverse mix of aviation and aerospace industry leaders.

If you are looking for a rewarding career in this industry, get to know a few of the leading companies with operations in our community.

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In recent years, Chandler has seen extensive growth in this industry attracting major healthcare providers and bioscience companies in the healthcare R&D space.

Get to know a few of the leading companies in this industry with operations here in Chandler.

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Chandler has been a base for high-tech manufacturing and development for more than 50 years, and this sector continues to thrive. In fact, 23% of all jobs in Chandler are in manufacturing-related industries. This is the highest percentage among the ten largest cities in the greater Phoenix area. 

Here in Chandler, you will find there is a wide range of different sized manufacturers experiencing strong growth and looking for top talent to join their teams.

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Ranking among the 10 fastest growing metro areas in North America for tech sector jobs, Greater Phoenix is becoming a hub for software and emerging technology companies. Chandler has helped to spur this growth with its base of data centers, network solutions, software engineering, payment processing and other mission-critical operations.

Start exploring a few of the leading technology and software companies who have operations here in Chandler and are always looking for top talent to join their teams.

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