Autonomous Vehicle Research & Development

Chandler has rapidly become a hotbed for the autonomous vehicle research and development industry, serving as a development site and proving ground for the latest automotive technologies. Below are some of the leading companies operating in Chandler.

A Few of the Leading Companies Operating in Chandler

The autonomous car development company and subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. selected Chandler as one of four initial test sites nationally for its autonomous driving project. The company established a facility in Chandler to maintain and analyze a fleet of autonomous driving prototype vehicles. Waymo is now providing fully autonomous rides in Chandler through its Waymo One ride-hailing service.

Established its Automated Driving Group in Chandler. Intel is collaborating with the world's leaders in automotive design and technology to turn visionary concepts for automated driving into reality. Waymo’s newest vehicles feature Intel-based technologies for sensor processing, general compute and connectivity, enabling real-time decisions for full autonomy in city conditions.

Covers the complete self-driving portfolio with solutions that sense, think and act. Products include radar-based ADAS semiconductors, secure vehicle-to-everything communication technologies, vision processors, sensor fusion solutions, and smart actuators for motor control, power/battery management and other applications.

The company deployed its electric, self-driving cars on the streets in Uptown Chandler for a delivery pilot program with Walmart.

Helping to accelerate innovations in transportation by supplying a wide variety of automotive qualified integrated circuits for use in areas such as power and battery management, high-speed signaling, sensors and wireless communications.

Headquartered in Chandler, Microchip develops automotive connectivity and human machine interface (HMI) solutions. Microchip’s touchscreen controllers for large screen HMI designs bring the experience of multi-touch HMI, like on a mobile phone, to car drivers and passengers.

Headquartered in Chandler, the company is a supplier of specialty materials for automotive applications both internal and external. Products include ceramic substrates, high frequency PCB substrates, high performance gaskets, power connectivity and distribution, and vibration management foams.

A pioneer in developing advanced navigations systems for automotive, marine and aviation applications. Garmin is a leader in stand alone GPS devices and integrated navigation systems for many of the largest automotive manufacturers.

Arm architecture is a key enabler of automotive technology. Arm’s role in autonomous driving is to design power-efficient, high-performance compute platforms with safety in mind from the ground up, which is critical for the deployment of autonomous vehicles at scale.


Fast Facts About AV Tech in Chandler, Arizona

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