Workforce Development & Talent Pipeline Strategy

Located in the fastest growing county in the U.S., internationally recognized companies from all industries have found they can depend on Chandler’s skilled workforce and talent pipeline.



  • More than 1 million workers within a 30-minute commute
  • Local population with 47 percent of adult residents possessing a bachelor's degree
  • Continuous influx of highly qualified graduates from area colleges and universities

Talent Pipeline

  • 40+ regional universities and other institutions of higher learning
  • Arizona State University, the nation's largest public university
  • University of Arizona, with an expanding presence in Greater Phoenix
  • Maricopa Community Colleges, serving approximately 200,000 students annually

Workforce Development

  • Access to interns through programs offered by Arizona State University and University of Arizona
  • Opportunity for customized workforce training curriculum at Chandler-Gilbert Community College
  • Recruitment support through City-sponsored career fairs in partnership with Arizona@Work

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