Tax Revenue Collections

Revenue Collections recovers delinquent tax revenues owed to the City, ensures businesses operating in the City are properly licensed, and works directly with business owners to bring them into compliance with the Chandler Tax Code.

Successor Liability

Pursuant to the Chandler Tax Code, a purchaser of an existing business can be held liable for past due taxes, interest and penalties owed by the seller of the business. To avoid this successor liability, the purchaser must request from the seller a copy of a Certificate (Letter) of Good Standing that the seller has obtained from the City's Tax Collector, which states that the seller does not have any amounts due the City of Chandler (Refer to Chandler Tax Code Section 62-595 for additional information).

In some cases, if you fail to pay the Transaction Privilege (Sales) and/or Use Tax that you owe, the City of Chandler may file a lien. If you have questions about a lien, or a lien has already been filed against you, please contact us.

How do I release a lien?

If a lien has been filed against you for unpaid taxes, and you would like to pay all amounts due and request the lien be released, please contact us.


Please have the Taxpayer Name, Lien Number, PLT Number, and Control Number available.

  • If you owe taxes for a residential rental or a commercial lease, and a lien was filed by the City of Chandler, please contact Tax Audit.
  • For all other taxes owed, and a lien was filed by the City of Chandler, please contact Tax Revenue Collections.