Chandler Museum Exhibits

The Chandler Museum exhibit hall features 6-8 exhibitions each year. The schedule includes a combination of in-house produced exhibits exploring Chandler history topics and nationally traveling exhibits showcasing culture, history and art.

After OVERLORD – The WWII Combat Photography of Leander P. Zwick Jr.


May 14 - July 14, 2024

On the Allies’ bloodiest day of World War II, on the most dangerous beach in Normandy, PFC Leander Zwick fought his way to shore carrying an M1 Carbine rifle and a Speed Graphic camera. Zwick and his 165th Signal Photographic Company were embedded with U.S. Army VII Corps and documenting the front-line actions at the Battle of Cherbourg.

This exhibit features a collection of Zwick’s aerial photographs of the war-torn Cotenin Peninsula after the D-Day invasion. Shot in stunning detail, his mages capture the raw tragedy and triumph of a conflict that changed the world.

A Program of Museum Pros, LLC

The Fourth Grade Project

The Fourth Grade Project

April 23 - Aug. 11, 2024

In the past decade, acclaimed artist Judy Gelles interviewed and photographed over 300 fourth-grade students from a wide range of economic and cultural backgrounds across the globe including Dubai, Nicaragua, Italy, South Korea, and the United States. At each school, she asked the same three questions: Who do you live with? What do you wish for? What do you worry about? The responses and stories varied, touching on the human condition and urgent social issues. This exhibition highlights the commonalities and differences of childhood throughout the world.

To add local voices to this exhibition, Chandler Museum staff met with local fourth graders at Galveston Elementary School to get their responses to the same three questions featured in the exhibition. Those responses will be on display alongside the world-wide comments.

A Program of ExhibitsUSA, a national division of Mid-America Arts Alliance and The National Endowment for the Arts.

Image Credit: Judy Gelles, Grade Teacher, St. Lucia, Public School, 2015; digital print on Diabond; 25 x 20 inches, Courtesy of Pentimenti Gallery, Philadelphia.

On the Clock

City employees covering a ChanLife booth

June 5 - September 8, 2024

Have you ever wondered who inspects the storm drains or creates the graphic design for the Recreation and Parks for the City of Chandler? For most people, they may be familiar with the more forward-facing municipal employees such as firefighters, police personnel, and city clerks. However, with a staff of over 2200, the City of Chandler is comprised of a wide swath of individuals that work to ensure the city runs well. From managing the water to checking out library books to fixing potholes on city roads to creating interesting exhibition, the city workforce does it all.

On the Clock celebrates the diverse group of individuals that makes up Team Chandler. While it would be difficult to highlight all of the individuals, this exhibition gives a glimpse into the many jobs that the city hires to ensure the residents have the best quality of life.

On the Clock was curated in conjunction with the Off the Clock exhibition at the Vision Gallery which features artwork from City of Chandler Employees. To learn more about that exhibition, please visit Vision Gallery.

Chandler A to Z

Chandler A to Z

Dec. 19 - Oct. 13, 2024

From Agriculture to Intel to Zora Folley, this exhibition will take visitors on an alphabetical journey exploring the people, places, events, and industries that make Chandler what it is today.


High Flying Humor at Williams Field Air Force Base

High Flying Humor Patch

June 7 - Oct. 27, 2024

This exhibition examines the pride and belonging that was fostered through humor by pilots-in-training. The exhibit includes oral histories, patches, painted ceiling tiles, photographs, and yearbooks that show how artwork, mascots, and mottoes were employed over time to represent class spirit and camaraderie at the base. An extended version of the exhibit will be featured on ChandlerpediA.

The exhibit is curated by Hannah Boese, Chandler Museum Intern.