Chandler Museum Exhibits

The Chandler Museum exhibit hall features 6-8 exhibitions each year. The schedule includes a combination of in-house produced exhibits exploring Chandler history topics and nationally traveling exhibits showcasing culture, history and art.
Bigger than Boxing:  Zora Folley and the 1967 Heavyweight Title

Bigger than Boxing: Zora Folley and the 1967 Heavyweight Title

Aug. 25, 2020 - Aug. 29, 2021

March 22, 1967, Madison Square Garden, New York City.  Two men face off in the ring for the Heavyweight Championship of the World.  In the blue corner, the Champ, Muhammad Ali.  In the red corner, the Challenger from Chandler, Arizona, Zora Folley.
What follows is a fight at the crossroads of race, religion, sport, and the politics of the 1960s. Bigger than Boxing features the stories of these two boxers, the circumstances that weighed heavy on each man, and the fight that was a turning point in both of their careers.

Day of the Dead in Southern Mexico

A Celebration of Souls: Day of the Dead in Southern Mexico

Sept. 1 - Nov. 29

Every year on November 1 and 2, families in villages across Mexico gather to welcome home the visiting spirits of departed relatives on the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Encounter the colorful traditions of this luminous holiday with engaging panels in English and Spanish and stunning color photographs that capture Day of the Dead celebrations in and around Oaxaca, Mexico. A Celebration of Souls focuses on the lives of villagers as they prepare centuries-old recipes, scatter marigolds to guide the dead home, and celebrate this annual event. 

This exhibition was developed by The Field Museum in collaboration with Mars, Incorporated. 

Questers' Women’s Suffrage Exhibit 

Dec. 1, 2020 - Jan. 3, 2021

The Questers' Women’s Suffrage Exhibit commemorates the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution giving women the right to vote. Six freestanding banners tell the story of the 72-year nonviolent struggle to win the vote. The exhibit features colorful illustrations and easy-to-read descriptions of the reasons women had to fight for the vote, efforts to win the vote, difficulties the suffragists faced, women’s suffrage in Arizona, progress women have made with use of the vote, and the theme that “each of us makes history.” Women’s suffrage is a timeless topic because the suffrage movement is an iconic example of the democratic process.   

The Questers' Women’s Suffrage Exhibit was developed in cooperation with the Arizona Capitol Museum and the Arizona State Library.

Tumbleweed Tree: A Very Chandler Christmas

Dec. 5, 2020 - Jan. 10, 2021

In 1957, Chandler resident Earle Barnum spearheaded construction of cotton-boll wreaths and a tree made from tumbleweeds to decorate downtown Chandler during the Christmas season. The Tumbleweed Tree has since become a long-standing holiday season tradition. This exhibition showcases photographs, postcards, and memories from the 60+ year history of the tree. See how the construction of the tree has developed over the years, revel in some of the national attention this tree has garnered over the years, and share your memories of this festive Chandler tradition.