Chandler Museum Programs

The Chandler Museum offers a wide array of engaging and educational public programs for early childhood, youth and adults. The programs include lectures, activities, demonstrations, outreach events and more. Programs are free to attend. 

11 a.m. - 2 p.m. | Free | Drop-in | Designed for ages 6-12

History Detectives | First Saturday of the Month 

Use clues from local primary sources to solve a history mystery. 

​History Detectives

March 7 | Ostrich Madness
How did a Chandler ostrich create a tragedy? Come learn about Chandler’s ostrich industry and find out what happened to Mrs. L.D. Rousseau.

April 4 | Picturing History: Photography Over Time
Come look through the lens as we discover the history of cameras. See iconic Chandler photos, learn about famous photographers, and take your own photos of the beautiful museum campus!

May 2 | Scavenger Hunt
Use clues to find things located around the museum campus. Don’t forget to check the exhibit hall, the historic McCullough-Price House, and the outdoor spaces.


STEM Saturday | Second Saturday of the Month

Join us and our partners, the Museum of Science and Sustainability, for investigations into science topics.

STEM Saturday

March 14 | Urban Gardening 
Thinking of growing a food garden but don't have a back yard? Maybe you'd like to keep your chives fresher than your refrigerator will keep them. Get your hands dirty with the Museum of Science and Sustainability this Saturday and experiment with different small-space gardening methods.

April 11 | The Bees Knees 
Bees work as a community to pollinate our food and flowers. Join the Museum of Science and Sustainability for some buzzing bee activities to understand their hard work. Try your hand at pollinating, learn about bee gardens, and even discover what to do if you get stung!

May 9 | Electricity: The Spark in Our Lives
Experience electricity with the Museum of Science and Sustainability. See how science progressed from static to circuits, and make some sparks of your own! Harness the humble electron to create light, magnets, and motors.



Demonstration Day | Third Saturday of the Month

Experience a historical craft, demonstration or performance with our special guests.

Feb. 15 | Leather Tooling with Wesley Bennett
Wesley was employed at a local leather company and will share his trade and the skills needed to tool, cut, stamp and dye leather creations. 

March 21| For the Love of Turquoise with Carrie Cannon

Arizona Humanities

Carrie Cannon, a member of the Kiowa tribe speaks to how this blue-to-green gemstone serves as a long-standing tradition amongst Native cultures of the Southwest. Come see her demonstration of turquoise in various forms and learn of the profound meaning it holds to individual tribes. This program is made possible by Arizona Humanities.

April 18 | Drum Ceremony with Ken Koshio

Ken Koshio

Taiko Japanese drumming artist, Ken Koshio, specializes in this ancient Japanese art form. Ken’s drum ceremony will close out the museum’s Gaman exhibition and allow visitors to learn the philosophy associated with Koshio-Ryu Taiko-Do.

May 16 | Pop Top Art and Laser Technology with Karen Hill
Local artist Karen Hill displays her modern masterpieces as she shares the creative process and technology involved.  She will reveal her superhero talents as we marvel at her Iron Man and Captain America pop-top costumes.




aMUSEment | Fourth Saturday of the Month

A day of play, historical games, fun and merriment at the MUSEum.

Feb. 22 | Puzzled and BeMUSEd
Puzzles galore in all shapes and sizes!  Come try your hand at fitting together various puzzle pieces and types.

March 28 | Patio Play
Enjoy the Arizona sunshine on the grounds of the Chandler Museum as we explore outdoor games. Make a glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade on the patio and be sure to also check out our traveling exhibit Patios, Pools, and the Invention of the American Backyard.

April 25 | Yo-Yo Mania
What do the “sleeper,” “three-leaf clover,” and “throw down” have to do with Yo-Yo’s?  Come find out from an Arizona YO-YO champion and try your hand at some of these complex maneuvers.

May 23 | Military Superheros
Toys are sometimes created to replicate real-life scenarios and army green men, the Battleship game and GI JOE reflect the relevance of our military in society.  Come enjoy a day of Veteran appreciation through play.



In the Exhibits | Fifth Saturday of the Month

Dive into activities in the exhibition hall.

Feb. 29 | Japanese Internment
Family-friendly, hands-on activities in the middle of our Gaman: Enduring Japanese American Internment at Gila River.  Gain a deeper understanding of this history. Make an origami crane, pack a suitcase, and more.

May 30 | India & US: Shapes of our World
Spy shapes! Decorate geometric designs! Join educators throughout Beyond Bollywood: Indian Americans Shape the Nation for activities everyone can enjoy! Let’s have fun and think about how we’d like to shape our world—together.

C-Town Suitcase Club

C-Town Suitcase Club

Travel through time and explore everyday objects from the past. Early childhood program for 3 to 5-year-olds and their caregivers.

10 - 11 a.m. | Free

Feb. 18 | News
Extra, Extra, Hear all about it!  How was news shared before the internet and cell phones?  We will make our own newspapers and pretend to be newscasters and journalists on TV.

March 17 | Bales
Children learn about the process of growing cotton and the importance of this crop in Arizona. We will have fun separating the seed from the boll and have a good time!

April 21 | Trails
Buckaroos will ride the trails of the wild, wild west and learn about life as a pioneer.  Come learn important skills that were necessary if you lived in a covered wagon, such as roping a steer or identifying wildlife by the tracks they leave behind.

May 19 | Nails
It’s hammer time!  We are pounding away at the historical significance of nails and how they were used in building kit homes and farm fences.  Come put your tool belt on and hit the nail on the head!


Local Voices Arizona Stories
Our Stories


A monthly series featuring unique Arizona and local history topics and conversation presented by the Chandler Museum and the Chandler Public Library, with support from the Friends of the Chandler Public Library and the Chandler Historical Society. 

If you have questions or would like more information on Our Stories, call 480-782-2751.




Samuel Soldinger

Death and Diamonds: The Story of Samuel Soldinger

Saturday, Feb. 29 |10:30 am
Chandler Museum, 300 S. Chandler Village Drive 

Born into a Jewish family in Poland in 1924, Samuel Soldinger found himself and his family confined to the Krakow Ghetto after the Germans invaded.  While everyone around him died, Samuel survived the Holocaust working in Oskar Schindler’s factory. After the war, he learned to cut diamonds and moved to New York City. He arrived in Chandler, Arizona in 1962 to manage the new Harry Winston diamond manufacturing plant on Pecos Road.

Collections Coordinator Nate Meyers will share Samuel’s dramatic story.





Stories from Chandler’s Indian American Community

May 30 | 10:30 a.m. - noon
Chandler Museum, 300 S. Chandler Village Drive

Join us for this panel discussion with multiple Chandler professionals from the Indian American community.  They will share their personal stories and discuss what brought them to Chandler, how they established their careers here, and what living in the Chandler community means to them.  Intel employee and dance school owner Kriti Argawal, electrical engineer Praveen Shenoy, Ph.D., and others will share their personal stories.

History Bites: Lunchtime Talks 

First Tuesday of each month 
Noon - 12:30 p.m.  | Saguaro Room 

Get a taste of Chandler history during 30-minute talks led by museum curators. Bring some take out or a brown bag lunch. 

March 3 | Where are the Women? Searching for Chandler’s Historic Women
Join us to hear about the quest for the women who helped shape Chandler--from the perspective of an amateur historian. With a bit of inspiration and a lot of perseverance, what started as obstacles in the search became a larger lesson about why women remain the underwritten characters of history, where they can be found, and some ideas for what we can do moving forward.

John Quarty

April 7 | John Quarty: Making the San Marcos Modern
John Quarty was hired as general manager of the San Marcos Hotel in 1943, and with his debonair style, quickly became the face of the San Marcos. Despite hard times resulting from the Great Depression, Quarty led the hotel to regain its former glitz and glamour. Hear the story of how John Quarty fostered an environment that drew Hollywood celebrities, powerful businessmen, and prominent politicians, making the hotel modern through the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

May 5 | Chandler’s Mid-Century Modern Architecture and Indoor-Outdoor Living with Special Guest Holly Metz
Chandler photographer, curator and mid-century homeowner Holly Metz highlights our unexpected mid-century gems through vivid contemporary and historic photos. Discover the work of Chandler’s very own mid-century architect, Glenn McCollum, AIA and explore the rise of indoor-outdoor living.





What People Are Saying About Museum Programs

"I absolutely love bringing my three kids to C-Town (ages 5, 3, and 2) because the program staff is warm and competent; there are quality activities that engage multiple age levels; and it is consistent and fun! My kids will often sing the songs and discuss local history we learned well after our visits to the Chandler Museum." - Melanie, parent

"I love C-Town because we sing lots of songs and do lots of crafts and learn history every time we go." - Ava, age 5