Instructor Interest Form

The City of Chandler Recreation Division is always looking for qualified instructors to enhance the variety of classes and workshops offered throughout the year at its many facilities. Recreation Coordinators work with individuals and businesses (contractors) on an agreement basis. For individuals, agreements are renewed on a season-by-season basis. For contractors, agreements are renewed annually.

Recreation Coordinators evaluate potential classes on-demand/interest, facility availability, and cost. Instructor Interest Forms are kept on file for one (1) year and are referred to when new Instructors are needed. Recreation Division staff are dedicated to making the instructor’s teaching experience enjoyable and rewarding.

General Information

To become an instructor, an individual/contractor must possess strong teaching skills; be positive, prompt, organized, and dependable; have good communication skills; and demonstrate a desire to promote the City of Chandler Recreation Division’s mission.

The Recreation Division is interested in classes and programs that are unique or fill a specific community need. Program selections are based upon the instructor’s qualifications and experience, need for and marketability of the program, facility availability, and ability to coordinate class dates and times.

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