Economic Development Advisory Board

Downtown Chandler

The Board advises City Council on Chandler’s economic development program including policy recommendations, strategic planning, and expansion. The members of the Board represent different areas of the business community.

Agenda, Results and Minutes

The meeting schedule is variable.

Members (15) Term Expires
Jen Hewitt 05-01-2026
Rommie Mojahed 05-01-2026
Ryan Smith 05-01-2026
Julie Graham 05-01-2026
Ron Hardin 05-01-2026
Karla Moran 05-01-2025
Vacant 05-01-2025
Jacob Knudsen 05-01-2025
Daniel Serrano 05-01-2025
Brent Menzel 05-01-2024
Kari Zurn 05-01-2024
Vacant 05-01-2024
Cecilia Ashe 05-01-2024
Nick Woodruff 05-01-2024
Mike Spangenberg 05-01-2024
Staff Liaison
Micah Miranda, Economic Development Director



Term: 3 years
Meets: As needed, at least once a year
Members: 15 members: 3 representatives from an at-large business, and representatives from major utilities, banking or financial services, real estate, large business, small business, higher education, a school district, and Chandler Chamber of Commerce. The City Manager and President of Chandler Chamber of Commerce are non-voting members.

Application to Serve


Established 05-27-2004; Ordinance No. 3565 , 3627 and 3669

For more information, call 480-782-3030.