Mayor's Committee for People with Disabilities

Disability Awareness Awards

The Mayor's Committee for People with Disabilities advise Council and staff on essential policies, rules and regulations relating to advocacy issues experienced by the disabled of the community, such as accessibility, education and employment.

Members serve as advocates for those in the community with physical and mental disabilities, birth defects, injuries sustained due to accidents, illnesses and age-related disabilities.

Agenda, Results and Minutes

Meetings are usually held at 7 a.m. on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at the Chandler Community Center, 125 E. Commonwealth Ave.

Members (9) Term Expires
Tom Fay 05-01-2026
Justine McDilda 05-01-2026
Morgan Leland 05-01-2026
Jeff Deaver 05-01-2026
Kim Foy 05-01-2025
Patrick Laferty 05-01-2025
Erin Fortner 05-01-2025
Peg Smith 05-01-2024
Vacant 05-01-2024
Staff Liaison
Becky Kuiper, Recreation Superintendent


Term: 3 years
Meets: Once a month
Members: 9 members

Application to Serve


Established 1-25-1990; Ordinance No. 2112
Amended 7-22-1993; Ordinance No. 2380
Amended 5-12-11; Ordinance No. 4300
Amended 1-13-2022; Ordinance No. 4983

Additional Resources:

For more information, call 480-782-2181.