Budget Input: Good Governance

Chandler City Hall

Through decades of strong leadership and responsible spending, Chandler has become one of the most financially stable cities in America. We are one of about 40 cities nationally with Triple A Bond Ratings from all three rating agencies. Long-term vision and fiscal responsibility enable taxpayers to experience some of the lowest costs for services, utility charges and sales tax rates in the Valley.

Thoughtful, consistent planning, investments in infrastructure and business growth have transformed our community into one of the strongest economic centers in the southwest. The strategic framework adopted by the City Council builds on a foundation of community ideals and input gathered over the years. This roadmap of priorities reveals Chandler’s direction to be a world-class city that provides an exceptional quality of life.

Proposed Related Budget Items:

  • Address public safety retirement pension debt by making additional one-time payments to pay down liability
  • Technology upgrades that support efficiency and mobility in service delivery
  • Issue bonds for major projects that enhance and modernize infrastructure and facilities
  • Maximize use of grants and partnerships to achieve strategic goals

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Residents are also encouraged to participate in scheduled public meetings with the City Council.  Comments received by March 14 will be included in the Council Workshop on March 24.