Budget Input: Neighborhoods

Budget Input: Neighborhoods

Chandler has a diverse community of housing that includes active homeowner associations, traditional neighborhoods, multifamily, condos and other types. Keeping our neighborhoods vibrant and safe is a key part of Chandler’s quality of life that our residents expect. In addition, we also must provide services and assistance to residents in need or those experiencing homelessness.

Some of the priorities in the Neighborhoods focus area in the City’s 2022-2023 budget include hiring staff for the newly formed Support Court, funds for neighborhood grants that residents can apply towards neighborhood projects, and neighborhood beautification efforts to add to the vibrancy of our communities.

Proposed Related Budget Items:

  • Neighborhood Planning Application
  • Support Court Staffing
  • Neighborhood Beautification
  • Neighborhood Grants Funds
  • Diversity Equity & Inclusion Events

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Residents are also encouraged to participate in scheduled public meetings with the City Council.  Comments received by March 14 will be included in the Council Workshop on March 24.