Customer Connection

Connecting our customers to the information, services and people who can best meet their needs. It is our customer service philosophy to take ownership of a customer issue or concern; to take care of that customer’s need until successfully finding the answer, or connecting with the right person who can help. It is through this seamless service commitment to our residents, co-workers, and stakeholders, that we demonstrate our Chandler Values.


What you can expect from Team Chandler

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Make the Connection
Our customers will be greeted and welcomed in a friendly and professional manner.
Own it: I am the City
Every Team Chandler member represents the City, and will be resourceful to help find the answer you need.
Don’t Drop the Ball
Team Chandler is committed to responding. If your first contact doesn’t have the answer, they will connect you with someone who can help.
Celebrate Team Chandler
When you experience outstanding service, we want to hear about it so we can celebrate our Team members.