SRP: High-Tech Interconnect Project (HIP)

HIIP Route

SRP is working on the High-Tech Interconnect Project (HIP), a proposed transmission project to provide reliable power to the recently announced $20 billion expansion of Intel’s campus in Chandler. 

SRP and the City of Chandler worked closely to reach agreement for undergrounding a significant portion of the transmission line to minimize the impact on Chandler residents and businesses while delivering on the overall needs of Intel.

SRP is working with the City of Chandler to meet the city’s preference to underground a significant portion of the transmission line, address conflicts with existing underground utilities and ensure technical feasibility of the underground segments. Remaining overhead segments are located within areas that already have overhead transmission facilities or are commercial in nature.

SRP will hold open houses, both virtually and in-person, as part of the public process. Residents and stakeholders who participate in the open houses will have the opportunity to provide comments on the proposed routes for the new transmission facilities.  

For more information on this project, visit SRP: High-Tech Interconnect Project (HIP), or call 1-855-584-1484.