Compare Cost of City Services

Chandler taxpayers can be assured that their community continues to have some of the lowest cost of services, utility charges, sales tax rates and staffing levels in the Valley of the Sun.

Chandler staff regularly compares utility rates, tax levels, and fees with other cities to see how our community compares in terms of the cost of key essential services, the impact of sales tax and property tax rates, and the efficiency of the workforce in providing service to the citizens. We also refer to a City of Tempe Cost of Service Report that compares the largest Valley cities.

As shown on the following charts, as of July 1, 2017, among the eight largest Valley communities, the City of Chandler has:

  • the second lowest total cost of municipal services and taxes in the Valley, which incorporates utility rates, sales taxes paid, and property taxes paid by a typical homeowner.
  • the second lowest combined monthly utility bill, based upon single family residence using 9,000 gallons per month.
  • the third lowest combined primary and secondary property tax amounts per median single family home
  • the fourth lowest amount of sales tax paid by the average household.
  • Plus, one of the lowest ratios of residents to employees, which demonstrates that the City's workforce is very efficient and effective in delivering necessary services.

Here are the comparisons: