Budget Division

Quarterly Financial Reports

The Budget Division provides Mayor and Council with a Quarterly Financial Report that summarizes budget to actual performance of the General Fund revenues and expenditures, along with additional summaries and analysis of Enterprise Funds, System Development and Impact Funds, Highway User Tax Fund, and Grant Analysis.      

FY 2019-20   

1st Quarter (Combined with 2nd Quarter) 

2nd Quarter 

3rd Quarter 

4th Quarter


Quarterly COVID-19 Financial Update   

Due to COVID-19 impacts, the Budget Division is also providing Mayor and Council with a Quarterly COVID-19 Financial Update that summarizes economic projections and impacts being seen due to the pandemic. It covers impacts and trends to major revenues, and updates spending to date compared to revenues received. Below are the presentation slides used in these discussions.

FY 2020-21 

1st Quarter Update (FY 2020-21 Q1 Jul-Sep 2020)

2nd Quarter Update (FY 2020-21 Q2 Oct-Dec 2020)

3rd Quarter Update (FY 2020-21 Q3 Jan-Mar 2021)

4th Quarter Update (FY 2020-21 Q4 Apr-Jun 2021)

FY 2019-20 

4th Quarter Update (FY 2019-20 Q4 Apr-Jun 2020)

Monthly Revenue and Expenditure Reports

A Monthly Revenue and Expenditure Report is also presented to Mayor and Council that provides a budget to actual comparison of revenues through the prior month. The report also includes reports for Local Sales Tax Revenue and Sales Tax Revenue by Class. Each report uses historical data from the last five years for comparisons. A General Fund Expenditure Summary is also included, which shows General Fund Expenditures through the end of each month.

FY 2021-22

July (combined with August)













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