JustServe recognizes Chandler for Volunteerism

Dec. 7, 2023
Just Serve Award

CHANDLER, Ariz. – The City of Chandler was recognized by JustServe as one of six cities nationally to receive the inaugural JustServe Global Cities Award during the Dec. 4 City Council meeting and at a recent National League of Cities conference.

“This award recognizes the positive impact of volunteers and the extensive network of nonprofit organizations in Chandler,” said Mayor Kevin Hartke. “We’re proud to be among the first cities nationally recognized by JustServe for using their platform to connect volunteers with opportunities to address community needs.”

JustServe is a free service where volunteer needs of organizations are posted online, and volunteers search for opportunities to enhance the quality of life in their community. Other award recipients included: Franklin (Tennessee), Houston (Texas), Los Angeles (California), Louisville (Kentucky) and South Jordan (Utah).

Residents can visit Chandler Volunteer Opportunities to explore the many volunteer opportunities that exist in the City of Chandler and throughout the community. Volunteers can serve in roles that enhance city services and address the needs of other residents.

Volunteer opportunities range from those that occur annually as part of a coordinated event, like For Our City Day Chandler, to programs that occur seasonally or year-round. The donation of time, talent and financial resources toward volunteer programs have a significant impact on the lives of Chandler residents.