Inside Chandler Municipal Court

Trials and other proceedings take place inside our City Courtroom. This gives you an idea of what the inside of Chandler's Courtroom looks like.

Inside the Courtroom

1. The Clerk
2. The Judge
3. The Witness
4. The Jury
5. The Defendant
6. The Defense Attorney
7. The Prosecutor
8. The Prosecutor's Investigating Officer

Courtroom Live Audio Stream

Furthering the court’s commitment to promote access and transparency, the court will be broadcasting its courtroom proceeding audio live at Courtroom Live Audio Streams.



Courtroom Audio/Camera Request: Media

Pursuant to Rule 122, Arizona Supreme Court Rules – Use of Recording Devices in a Courtroom, audio and/or video recording and photography is not permitted in the courthouse, courtrooms, or court offices without prior authorization. Permission should be requested at least 48 business hours before a hearing, and 7 days before a trial. Once a request is received, the court will notify the parties of the request.

You must receive written authorization in order to film or record. Without written authorization from the Court, any recording will be prohibited.

Courtroom Audio/Camera Request: Media